THE family of a Bangor pensioner knocked down in a hit and run accident in October, have been told to ‘expect the worst’.

Sixty nine year-old Brian Denny, who has learning disabilities, was placed in an induced coma over the weekend after suffering serious and life-changing injuries when he was struck by a car in the centre of Bangor on October 2.

The driver of the car didn’t stop prompting Brian’s family to say somebody needs to be held accountable for ‘ruining this man’s life or ultimately taking his life’. His family have also criticised the police response to the accident, saying they didn’t appear to take it ‘seriously from the start’.

Brian hasn’t been out of hospital since the accident and, while he seemed to be making progress, deteriorated suddenly over the weekend with a serious infection.

The pensioner, who lived in an assisted-living apartment with MenCap, underwent two major surgeries to his leg to repair the damage caused, with his family hoping he would be able to maintain his independence.

While his family had initially feared Brian would never regain his independence, they now fear he will never leave the hospital and that the driver responsible will never be held accountable.

Despite a previous call, no witnesses have yet come forward about the incident which occurred at Primrose Street in Bangor, on October 2, around 10.50am.

Brian’s nephew, Adam, has once again made a heartfelt plea to anyone with information, including those with dashcam footage, to come forward.

“I have been working very hard to get Brian home as I was very conscious that the hospital environment wasn’t doing his recovery much good as he couldn’t get up and move around,” Adam explained.

“Brian is a child in nature and we found he couldn’t put his weight on his injured leg in hospital.”

Adam worked tirelessly with social workers, MenCap staff and Ards Hospital staff to put plans in place which would allow for his uncle to return to some sort of normality in hopes of speeding up his recovery.

Adam was hopeful that Brian would soon be home again, but unfortunately on Saturday morning, Brian was rushed to the Ulster Hospital with a critically high temperature and with a suspected infection caused by the complications from his injuries.

“Brian was placed in an induced coma and he is on full dialysis with the infection working on his kidneys,” Adam explained, adding that doctors didn’t have much hope for his outcome.

“This is what I had been afraid of. Brian will not die directly from the injuries caused by the incident but from the injuries caused and the way Brian is, there will be complications.

“Unfortunately I was right and the wounds have caused an infection and Brian can’t fight it.”

Adam praised the staff in the Ards Hospital for their excellent care of his uncle, as well as MenCap for trying to accommodate Brian’s new needs.

However, Adam again voiced his disappointment in the attempts made by police to find the person responsible for the incident.

“I do feel disappointed. To be honest, I don’t think the police took it seriously from the start and I’ve had to jump through hoops,” he said.

Adam said he was aware that there were two vehicles in the area at around the time of the incident but was told by police that they weren’t able to question them as it would be classed as ‘fishing’.

 “I am hoping God will spare us and the antibiotics will start working and they will maybe pick him up a bit but they are not particularly hopeful of that to be honest,” Adam continued, adding that if he does recover from this – he faces even more difficulties now returning to the life he once knew.

“We have been told to expect the worst and hope for the best.”

Adam added: “I would once again urge anybody who has seen or witnessed or even was involved in this incident to just come forward.

“Mistakes happen and accidents happen but somebody needs to be made accountable for realistically ruining this man’s life or ultimately taking his life.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact officers in Newtownards on 101 quoting reference number 578 – 02/10/23.

A report can be made using the online reporting form via: Information can also be provided to Crimestoppers anonymously on: 0800 555 111 or online at:

Responding to the family’s comments, PSNI Chief Inspector McGrattan said: “Officers conducted a thorough investigation, including the recovery of CCTV footage from the area at the time of the incident, and also maintained regular contact with the injured party from the beginning of the investigation and during his recovery process.

“If the family would like to meet the officers carrying out this investigation in-person, to discuss any concerns they may have, we would very much welcome them to do so.

“At this time, we will continue to pursue all reasonable lines of enquiry, and if any future evidence becomes available, then it will be rigorously investigated.”