BANGOR singing star Foy Vance has linked with three of the biggest stars of the planet for a new version of his track Guiding Light.

Originally released on his 2013 album Joy Of Nothing, Foy has now rerecorded the song with guest vocals from Ed Sheeran, Elton John and Keith Urban.

Released this month, Guiding Light (Anniversary Version) is produced by Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid and described by Elton John as ‘the most beautiful song’.

“When Foy asked me to do it, it was a no-brainer for me because I’m such a huge fan of his,” John said.

Sheeran, who appeared on the original version of the song 10 years ago, reminisced about experiencing Foy’s work, first as a fan and then as a musical peer and friend.

“I’ve been a fan of Foy Vance since my early teens, I used to go watch him with my dad and wait til after to talk to him,” he wrote on social media.

“He used to end his shows back then with this song Guiding Light, but he never released it. When I got successful I met him as an equal and we jammed in Dublin after a show, I asked him to come on tour with me, and he did for a few years.

“We ended up writing together; it was kinda a dream come true to be working with an artist I adored so much. I always asked him why he had never released Guiding Light, as it was my favourite song of his, and one day we sung it together. Afterwards he said he’d record it, but could I sing it with him.

“Ten years on he’s done a new version, this time with Elton John, Keith Urban and myself. It’s beautiful, the amazing Johnny McDaid produced it, and I hope you love it.”

And country star Urban described Foy’s track as ‘an extraordinary song – almost more of a hymn’.

“It so beautifully captures the struggle, pain, grace and beauty of being human – and knowing you can’t do it alone,” he stated.

“The first time I heard Guiding Light, I was riding around on a bike in London and it literally stopped me in my tracks. I couldn’t listen to anything after it, I just quietly rode home. I’m honoured to be your mate Foy, and to be with you, Elton, and Ed on this gorgeous track.”

Speaking ahead of two sold-out homecoming shows in Bangor this weekend, Foy said he was honoured and privileged to sing with ‘incredible artists who have become much cherished friends’.

“It would be hard to put into words how special this one is to me,” he stated.

“There isn’t a nook or cranny of this song that isn’t rich with relevance for me.

“Guiding Light was written to fill the darkness. It warms my heart to read about how this song has been with so many through various times of life.”

Guiding Light (Anniversary Version) is available to stream and download at https://foyvance.os.fan