Gavin Martin Managing Director at Mango Ethical Direct Marketing

A BANGOR telemarketing firm is to create 90 new jobs in a £1m five year expansion plan.

Mango Direct Marketing, which is Northern Ireland’s largest independent contact centre and currently employs 200 staff, is planning a major expansion of its business including the purchase of a new building.
Based in the Balloo industrial estate, Mango is planning to buy the building next door to itsexisting office space, which will house a training and development facility, as well as a dedicated IT suite for the firm’s expanding team.

The company has also announced that Gavin Martin, who has been with the family-owned firm since it began 14 years ago, has been appointed as its new managing director – succeeding Stuart Lally in the role, who founded the company with his wife Susan and has moved up to the position of CEO.

Mango provides businesses with a range of services including sales, customer services, fundraising, email management, live chat and social media. The organisation’s clients include businesses across the UK and Ireland, as well as in Australia and America.

The company’s client base includes businesses in the UK and Ireland, as well as Australian and America. Gavin (35) said it is a privilege to have been appointed managing director of Mango Direct Marketing.

“I joined Mango as one of five initial staff members and have grown with the organisation as it has evolved into Northern Ireland’s largest independently-owned contact centre,” he said.

“We are a genuine company full of genuine people, and our unique culture and ethical approach has helped us to sustain great client relationships and become the largest independent business of our kind in the country.

“I will forever be indebted to Susan and Stuart, who saw and believed in my potential. It is a strong passion of mine to do the same for the next generation that comes through our doors. “Mango strives to instil a family culture, and we are committed to investing in our people. I look forward to continuing to support our staff and clients as we take Mango to the next level.”

His predecessor in the job, new CEO Stuart Lally, commented that Gavin has ‘played a pivotal role in our operational setup and growth’ from his start with the firm.

“It has been a pleasure to support his career development and watch him evolve into a member of our senior leadership team,” he added.

“An ethical approach is at the heart of our business and as we look to the future, we areconfident that Gavin is the right person to lead the organisation forward.

“He is incredibly dedicated and has an innate ability to build strong relationships with colleagues and clients. He has also played a pivotal role in nurturing our team’s talent, supporting them to develop their potential, and contribute to the success of our organisation. “We are very grateful for his efforts over the years, and I have absolute confidence that he will ensure the continued success of Mango as we realise our ambitious growth plans.”