A BANGOR man, who is part of the DJ duo Miami House Party, has topped US dance charts for the third time with an up-beat summer anthem.

Together, Bangor man Aaron Andrews and Robbie Bryson, from Newtownabbey, form the DJ duo Miami House party, which started in 2013.

With two other chart-toppers under their belt, they were notified of their third number one last Monday, July 10. The remix, a fitting summer house anthem, was for artist Joey Kelz, and his track, Tres Leches, which proved a hot hit for audiences in North America.

Revelling in his newest joint musical victory, the Bangor man has spoken of how he became involved in the industry.

“ I took an early interest in music and although I never really had an interest in DJing, I did have an interest in how to make music and produce it,” he said.

“I had started off producing for hip-hop artists and then I got involved in making more dance music. I was 17 when I had my first signing.

“I didn’t think of it as anything more than a hobby when I started but when I was 19 I started doing DJ work, getting some consistency with gigs and making a bit of money off of that. That is when I thought I could really go with this.

“By the time I found my feet DJing and producing, that is when Robbie and I reconnected, and started really putting our time into it. From 2013 we have been at it the whole time, bar Covid,” added Aaron.

With the latest track being the second one of 2023 to reach number one, he delves into detail about the remix for Joey Kelz, while noting the duo’s other successes.

“We had remixes out on Universal and Warner Music, and Black Hole Recordings. We played festivals, we toured all over Europe and down the East Coast of the US.

“The track this year was for a guy named Joey Kelz, the track was called Tres Leches. It’s like a summer house album and it fell nicely with the American market,” explains Aaron.

“It has hit the right time, our remix had real success and picked up really quickly.

“The first time we went to number one was two years ago. It was a remix for Trevor Penick, who was in a band called O-Town years ago, a big boy band. That track went to number one.

“The second time [we went to number one] was at the start of this year in January. [That remix] was for a singer called Oliva Cella and was called ‘Don’t fall in love with me’.”

At present, the DJing dance duo are set to perform at more gigs throughout the rest of the year and one significant concert will be held in Belfast this September.

“We are playing an event called ‘Dance for Nature’, in the Botanic in Belfast, on Saturday, September 23,” said Aaron.

“That is to raise money for nature causes across Northern Ireland and it will probably be the biggest show we are playing at the end of the year here,” he said.