Nurse bids farewell after 37 years of service

AFTER a 37 year career in Nursing, Elinor Welch has officially retired from the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust.

Elinor, who lives in Newtownards, began her journey in the field of Nursing in 1987, when she commenced her Nurse Training at the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Throughout her career, Elinor has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence in patient care. Her professional journey included diverse experiences in various clinical areas, showcasing her versatility and dedication to the Nursing profession. Elinor also served as a Clinical Education Facilitator, where she played a crucial role in shaping the education and development of aspiring healthcare professionals.

In 2004, Elinor transitioned to the South Eastern Trust, taking on the role of Quality and Professional Development Nurse. In this capacity, she continued to exhibit her passion for quality improvement and professional growth within the healthcare system.

Over the years, Elinor has held numerous nursing roles, each marked by her commitment to teaching, facilitation, revalidation coaching and quality improvement. Colleagues have benefited from her mentorship, leaving a lasting legacy of professionalism and expertise.

Reflecting on her career, Elinor said: “After 37 years embracing multiple roles over the years, caring for thousands of fantastic patients, working with hundreds of kind and funny colleagues and long lasting friendships, I have been incredibly lucky, I could not have asked for more.”

Elinor Welch in her early days as a nurse.
Elinor Welch in her early days as a nurse.