Search for owner of ring found on beach

The ring was discovered at ‘the second bay’ on Groomsport Beach.

By Sarah Curran

A BANGOR man who discovered a wedding ring in Groomsport hopes to locate its owner.

Trevor O’Rorke had been taking a leisurely walk with his dog last Thursday morning at Groomsport beach when he discovered a ring box, buried beneath seaweed.

Mr O’Rorke opened the box to discover what he believes to be a male wedding band made of gold and titanium metals, adding that the ring was inscribed and the box included a date and initials.

Believing there may be some sentimentality to the jewellery, Mr O’Rorke hopes to reunite the ring with the rightful owner.

Mr O’Rorke said he found the ring at a place known to locals as ‘the second bay’ among seaweed.

“There must have been a high tide as there were rows and rows of seaweed,” he recalled.

“I was walking with the dog, as I do most mornings, and when I came across it I thought it was a bit of wood in the seaweed, so I gave it a kick.”

On kicking the item, Mr O’Rorke quickly realised it was not wood and so picked up the ring box and opened it to find the ring.

Hoping to find the owner and reunite them with the jewellery, Mr O’Rorke said: “It obviously belongs to someone. There is an inscription on the ring and I think it belongs to a male.”

Mr O’Roke said he would be keen to find out what happened to the ring, questioning if it went overboard on a boat or fell from someone’s pocket or was simply forgotten about by a beach goer.

In hopes of finding the rightful owner, Mr O’Rorke said the owner was free to contact his mobile number to enquire about the ring, adding that they should know what the inscription says and the dates and initials on the box.

To contact Mr O’Rorke, call: 07890107398.