Thirds make it look easy over Phoenix

Bangor Thirds secured a comfortable win over Phoenix Thirds at the weekend.
Bangor started well with Rose Skehin (C), Alex Fletcher (GD) Vicky Bell (WD) and Ellie Green (WA) working tight together to get the ball into the attacking third to support Jen McAllister (GS) and Clair O’Connor (GA) in the shooting circle.
Laurie Fegan (GK) worked really hard and managed to get lots of rebounds that resulted in conversions for Bangor. Bangor 3 (10) Phoenix 3 (1) In the second quarter, Bangor continued to work together with Rose, Alex, Vicky and Ellie, which led to the team being able to get the ball into the attacking third and help support Jen and Clair in the shooting circle. Laurie continued to work well in the defensive third. Bangor 3 (22) Phoenix 3 (2). For the third quarter, there were no changes to the team and everyone continued to feed the ball into the circle and help support the shooters. Phoenix had a stronger quarter and pulled back some goals though Bangor remained in the lead 36- 6.
In the final quarter Sarah Osborne moved into GS, working well with Clair. Rose and Ellie switched. Laurie and Alex continued to defend tirelessly and managed to get more rebounds. Bangor worked well together and communicated throughout the game. The final score was 42-9 to Bangor.